Every dollar matters. Help us continue to serve those who are living at the crossroads of economic injustice and other systemic oppressions.

Give Health.

Our online donations are 100% tax-deductible (Tax ID number: 81-4260571.) You may also pay by check.

Here's what your donation will do:

Cover the cost of our malpractice insurance

All of our providers are licensed and offer their services free of charge. Your donation helps pay for medical supplies to provide this care.

Help purchase medical supplies

we believe in providing quality care in a relaxing environment that is healing and respectful

Help purchase natural medicine we can't get donated

we believe in meeting people where they are, not where anyone else thinks they "should" be. We believe in a harm reduction model that sees patients and provider as members of the same team.


offering respectful care from practitioners that listen to you and focus on healing


being aware of our limitations and communicating them clearly

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